Official Lost Podcast

Daniel Dae Kim talks about the return of his character & previews This Place Is Death (2/11/09) EPs Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse tease the return of Jin in This Place Is Death (2/11/09) & take fan questions

Tv Guide – Getting Lost

Have you been Getting Lost? In the third installment of our recurring video series, Daniel Dae Kim — whose Jin has been resurrected in dramatic fashion — addresses two hot topics coming out of this week’s episode, “The Little Prince”: • What on earth must Jin Menang Ceme now be thinking, having been rescued by…

Ew Article And Magazine Cover

Update: 7th Feb Here are some more photos from EW Photoshoot. Update: 19:50 Thanks to LostInTimeAndSpace for heads up on some new videos. Update: 15:50 Thanks ana for these following scans. Download this gallery as a zip-archive Thanks to Flyer for the heads up. Across the street from a neatly tended cemetery on the island…

Michael Emerson – Washington Post Interview

Thanks to Maureen for the heads up on this little interview that Michael Emerson did with the Washington Post. Liz: Speaking of obsessed viewers — do you get recognized on the street?Michael: I get that more and more — not so much in Hawaii where I live. Maybe the tourists here have other things on…

Daniel Dae Kim Talks To Io9

Thanks to our friends over at IO9.COM for this interview they did with Daniel Dae Kim at New York Comic Con. Source: IO9