Elizabeth Mitchell And Michael Emerson Interviews

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up. Lost’s seductive doctor diagnoses her character’s blood lust, blossoming affair with Sawyer—and her singing duel with Ben. Your storyline is ramping up—you had a nosebleed caused by all of the flashbacks and flash-forwards. The island is hopping through time and messing you all up. Yeah, how cool was…

Daniel Dae Kim On The View

Thanks to my good friend Chris from Lost-Streams for the following video of Daniel Dae Kim on The View which features the sneak peek we saw earlier.

Time Travel Anxiety? The Doc Has The Cure!

Here is Jeff Jensen’s weekly theories post, which tries to tackle all of the Time Traveling fun this season. ”THE TEASE!” + ”LOST MADE EASY!” = LOST UNTANGLEDABC is trying to do its part to ease Lost viewers’ confusion with a new weekly web series called Lost Untangled. I’m not sure how clarifying these things…

Daniel Dae Kim On Smokey

Thanks to Lost-in-Idaho for the heads up. LOS ANGELES (AP) – One of the biggest mysteries of “Lost” _ the Smoke Monster _ will be unveiled on the popular TV drama, and soon. Actor Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin, said in an interview that the origin and nature of the malevolent dark cloud will…

Latest From Tv Guide

I recently saw Malcolm David Kelley, “Walt haircut” and all, hawking chicken snacks in a Tyson Bandar Ceme Online commercial. It didn’t fill me with a lot of hope for his future on Lost. Care to comment? — AdamMATT: Did it occur to you that MDK was working the Walt ‘do because he recently filmed…

Totally Lost – Doc Jensen Video

Thanks to JackTalksSmack who emailed this in. Here is Doc Jensens video recap of The Little Prince and a preview of Tonights episode. You can see the video here or for those that can’t play the EW videos you can view it below.

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