Latest Filming Report From The Transmission

Hey All,
It has been a few days since I made a post, but our good friend Ryan from The Transmission Podcast has informed us about the latest filming update for Season 5, which contains some nice spoilery details about Dharma, Othersville and that Kate is sharing a beer with Ben’s dad (Jon Gries)!?

You can find the details in the “The Forward Cabin” of the latest “Transmission” podcast.


– Filming at Manoa Falls, return of The Orchid?
– Othersville all worn and dirty, broken down DHARMA van, Claire’s house.
– Matthew Fox with longer hair, Josh Holloway and some men with guns.
– Othersville all bright and new, DHARMA BBQ and DHARMA volleyball.
– Ken Leung and Jorge Garcia loading up and driving off in a new DHARMA van.
– Evangeline Lilly and Jon Gries (Ben’s Dad) having a beer?

Posted By: The ODI