Latest From Kristin – Update On Jin, Charlotte And Abaddon

Here are the latest tidbits from Kristin from E!Online, I think several of these have already been revealed.

Amy in Portland, Ore.: Is Jin really back on Lost?
He really is, and Daniel Dae Kim really is still a series regular. Yay! My source tells me “He’s not going anywhere,” meaning, off the show. But of course, Jin is going lots of places! He’s stuck a good two decades in the past right now with preggo Rousseau. Our East Coast correspondent, Breanne Heldman, met up with DDK at New York’s ComicCon (lucky girl) today, and he hinted that the Rousseau storyline would last for a while, saying, “She’s around, let’s put it that way.” And get this. When asked if Jin will learn French, Daniel said slyly, “Who’s to say he doesn’t already know it?” We get the feeling he may already speak it, so this could be the beginning of une belle amitié (a beautiful friendship!) for young Rousseau and Jin.

Margo in Acton, Mass.: Will Jin and Sun reunite?
“Definitely,” a source close to the show tells me. “And it may be sooner than you think.” DDK says: “That, I think, you’ll be surprised if and when you see it.” I’m expecting lots of tears—onscreen and off (i.e. mine).

DapperGirl in Atlanta: Lost!
Lance Reddick (now on Fringe) tells us he’s coming back to Lost in the Feb. 25 episode. So get ready for more Matthew Abaddon freakiness! (FYI, just to clarify that is Episode 5×07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham)

Max in Syracuse, N.Y.: On Lost, is it just me or does it seem like Charlotte and Daniel knew each other before they got on the Island?
Ding, ding! I think you’re on to something. Here’s what Rebecca Mader herself told me on their relationship: “They must have a history. Because it’s like they just got to this island and all of a sudden they appear to have—he apparently loves her, he’s in love with her, which is huge.” Hopefully we’ll find out about it soon since someone is kicking the bucket this week, and it very well could be Charlotte.

Mary in Miami: Will Charlotte die?
Rebecca Mader told me she’s safe for now, but the emphasis was a bit too strong on the “for now” for my liking, and I’m hearing she may have been released from the show at some point to shoot a movie with George Clooney. (Yeah, we shouldn’t feel too sorry for her if that’s the case, but I personally hope she’s sticking around!)

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